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2009-08-02 07:04:18 by DisturbedBoo

I realized people here put a lot of low ratings

this sucks

2009-07-19 08:00:16 by DisturbedBoo

I uploaded my latest video sonic dodgeball here and on youtube at the same time, I don't know what's wrong with people here, they always give low scores, I saw very crappy animations here and they have score more than me >=(

yay, made a replay button!

2009-07-14 07:08:20 by DisturbedBoo

I know now how to make a replay button, watch my video slynic vs gemel!



2009-07-14 05:08:58 by DisturbedBoo

I'm trying to learn how to put a start button at the start of an animation, I don't know how, please help