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this sucks

2009-07-19 08:00:16 by DisturbedBoo

I uploaded my latest video sonic dodgeball here and on youtube at the same time, I don't know what's wrong with people here, they always give low scores, I saw very crappy animations here and they have score more than me >=(


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2009-07-19 08:35:59

wel maybe, but the problem with sonic dodgebal is its way to short, way way way to short, try making an animation where the content is at the very least 30secs of animation, when making movies you have to keep inmid who the audience who's going to see it. Sonic dodgeball is just way to short and to make a sprite movie that does well, you need tyo put in opious amounts of effort cause the bar is quite high. Spening months on a single animation isn't uncommon...

goodluck hope you create somthing cool and different =)


2009-07-19 11:07:25

who gives a fuck what people say sonic dogeball RULES!!!! and did you see my reveiw on it cause if you did i would be happy and mabye you should follow my idea on my review thanks and i gave you a ten on sonic dodgeball you totaly deserve it =D 10 man a 10!!!!!!!!! =D


2009-11-03 17:02:48

I couldn't agree more with you Aggron (Can I call you that? =P) By the way this is Hyperspeed03,, ;)


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